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A Brief Review of the New International Version (NIV)
A Great Way to Live
A Life of Hope
Acts of Worship
Alcohol and Sin
Are Good Morals Enough?
Are We Selling Our Children
Are you able to Blush?
Are you Hating your Traditions Yet?
Are you Stressed?
At What Point Has Lying Become a Way of Life?
Can a Christian become a member of a denomination?
Can the Saved be Lost?
Cheap Religion
Church History of the Lord's Body
Confusing Leadership
Do We Give God Too Much Credit?
Does Any Sin Merit A Public Confessions?
Does Jesus Even Care?
Don't Give Up!
Examine Yourself
Get Better Aquainted with God
God gave them up
He Walked with God
How Long is Time
How to live a Godly life in a ungodly world
How to Live all of your Life
In Daddy’s Shoes
Is Saying The Word Hell A No, No?
Keep it Holy
Learn God’s Word
Let us all sing to the Lord
Living with Pain
Making a Great Leader
Musical Instruments and the Church?
Never Too Old to Learn
Not on Sunday Night
Our Obligation to Truth
Our Power Source
Preachers in Rotation
Pseudo-Love vs. Love
Pursue God
Resting on Your Knees
Some Symptoms That A Congregation Is Dying
Soul Food
Take Up Your Cross
The Church in your Life
The Love of God
The Nails of the Cross
The Power of Influence
The Powerful Word of God
The Seriousness of One Sin
Time with God
Upon the First Day
Ways One Can Adorn the Gospel (adapted from Frankin Camp)
What are the ways one can be Divorced?
What Brothers can do (Part 1)
What Brothers can do (Part 2)
What God Joined Together
What Is God’s Plan for A Happy Life?
What Is Your Legacy?
What Pharaoh Dynasty was Moses in?
Where is Heaven?
Why did God decided not to destroy the world with flood again?
Why Four Gospel Accounts
Why Some Fail to Enter the Gate of Heaven
You Can’t Overpower Sin
Your Life Counts
A Call to Fellowship
A Closer Walk With God (Matt. 28;18-20)
A House Not Made With Hands (2 Cor. 5;1-10)
A Type of Christian Life (1 Cor. 10)
A Woman’s Contribution to the Local Congregation
Abortion-Murder of Innocents
Angels, The Ministers of Heaven (Rev. 4;11)
Archaeologyand the Patriarchs
Baptism (1 Cor. 1;12-13)
Bringing Up Children
Can Man Solve His Own Problems
Challenges Facing the Church-Home Today
Christianity is not a mixture of teaching
Communicating with God in Prayer
Daily Family Bible Studies (Psa. 1;1-3)
Dare To be Like Daniel
Description of God (Psa. 117)
Does Everyone Have A Right To His Own Belief (Jn. 14;6)
Examples Worth Following
Facing the Goliaths of Life (1 Sam. 17)
Faith, Hope and Love
Footprints of Jesus
For God So Loved (Jn. 3;16)
Freeing Ourselves from Contamination and Condemnation
Fruitlessness of Men
Givers Who Please God
God of Creation
God the Center of Our Worship
How To Know A Cult When You See One
How to Treat Your Neighbor
Identifying the Church (Matt. 16;18)
Jesus - The Example for All Mankind
Managing Anger
Never Giving Up
Optimism vs. Pessimism
Origin of the Idea of God
Our Faith in Present Times (Jam. 1;1-3)
Overcoming Temptation
Renewing Our Strength Through Worship
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Shaped For Glory 2 (Gal. 6;9)
Stephen's Last Prayer (Acts 8;2)
Temples (Matt. 24;1)
The Amazing Teaching of Jesus
The Ark
The Desires of Hungering and Thirsting (Matt. 5;6)
The Family of God
The Fear of the Lord
The Goodness of God
The Gospel Plow (Lk. 9;62)
The Man, Moses (Exo. 3;1-12)
The Mind of Christ (Phil. 2;5-11)
The place called heaven (Heb. 11;13-16)
The Power of love (Ruth 1;16-17)
The Shedding Tears of Jesus (Jn. 11;35)
The Three Crosses (Lk. 23;33)
Three levels of Living
Trusting God
Understanding God's Word (Eph. 3;1-12)
Water Turned to Wine
What’s Right with the Church
Who Believes In Hell Anymore
New Testament Gospel
Leadership of the Church for the 21st Century
Old Testament