Questions and Answers


Is Galatians 2:16 speaking of the Law of Moses and some kind of system of Faith?

Are there 2 Kingdoms?

Are There Apostles Today?

Are there different degre of rewards in Heaven and different degrees of punishments in Hell?

Can a homosexual be saved?

Can a member of the church be a member of the Masonic Lodge?

Can angels, fallen from heaven, ever be redeemed?

Can women teach and preach?

Can You Call Someone a Fool?

Can you explain what it means when people mention Jesus' "Broken Body" in their prayers?

Can you Sin in Heaven?

Did the church of the first century disappear and then come back in the 18th century?

Do we go immediately to heaven or hell after death?

Do we have a right to judge?

Does any sin merit a public confession?

Does Satan have the ability or authority to read our minds and plant evil thoughts?

Explain Disfellowshiping a member of the church?

Explain Jesus in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights?

Explain Matthew 19:3-9

Explain the difference between the soul and spirit

From where did Christ ascend: Bethany or Olivet?

Has New Testament Christianity been restored yet?

How can a Christian know when I repent and pray, that I have truly been forgiven?

How did the lions keep their mouths shut when Daniel was in the den?

How did there get to be so many races?

How do you study with someone when they refuse to obey the Gospel, besides just praying for them?

How much can one give and be pleasing to the Lord?

If one wants a divorce without a Scriptural reason, must both remain single?

Is Cremation O.K. for Christians?

Is Gambling Right or Wrong?

Is God the author of good or evil?

Is it acceptable to listen to Christian music with musical instruments?

Is murdering an animal wrong and do animals have a spirit?

Is Salvation by obedience to the Gospel more difficult than Salvation by the Law of Moses?

Is smoking o.k. from the Bible stand point?

Living Wills and Life Support: If one pulls the plug, would it be murder or suicide?

Since Jesus placed his mother in the care of John at His crucifixion, did Joseph already die?

Was Jesus a Nazarene?

Was the writer of Daniel David's Son?

What about the Law of Moses and Colossians 2:14?

What are the ways one can be divorced?

What can one do when they have anxiety or worry about things in life?

What can you tell someone who thinks they can just worship at home?

What does Hebrews 13:2 mean, "some have entertained angels unawares"?

What does it mean to be humble?

What does the Bible say about Divorce and Remarriage?

What does the Bible teach on tattoos and body piercings?

What is the "day" mentioned in Hebrews 10:25?

What is the origin of Satan?

What is the purpose of fasting and should it be observed today?

What was the First Sin?

When the Bible says to love thy neighbor as thyself, what do you do when they are gay?

When we die, do our souls just sleep in the ground with the body?

Where can one learn more about faith?

Where did the Pharisees come from?

Who killed Goliath: David or Elhanan?

Why did God allow the dinosaurs to go extinct?

Why did God decide not to destroy the world with flood again?

Why did God want baptism to be a requirement?

Why does the Church of Christ contend for the Truth and why try to bind your interpretations?

Will Christians know one another in Heaven?