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Let us all sing to the Lord

    Singing soothes the soul, some say.  But, how does it soothe the soul?  Well, singing is the expression of the heart.  For a Christian, it is the singing to the Lord for saving our souls.  What more do we have that we can sing more glorious about?  I have seen Christian individuals rocking and rolling down the streets as they sing out loud to Metallica or Britney Spears about lusting, fornicating with others, getting their next high or attempting to deceive others.  But, when was the last time those Christians sang for the glory of God?  Or have they ever?
    We are to glorify God because He is.  We are to glorify Him in our voices, raising our voices high enough to lay them before His throne.  But, some believe that they do not need to sing out.  That, singing praises quietly so no one will hear you, is acceptable.  But, is it possible to love Jesus without singing out of how wonderful he really is?  Do we show God our greatest potential in our singing?  Now for others, I have seen some sing with so much love toward God, that it makes them cry.  But, why is it that some songs have us crying before his throne for the love that we have toward him?  Perhaps, it is because we love Him so much.  Perhaps it is because we realize how hopeless we are without him.  Perhaps, it is because of how joyous living with Him in eternity will be.  Perhaps, our thoughts are as Moses’ feet when he was told to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground. 
    You know, the book of Psalm says many things.  But, it is vital to consider their works as songs and see how the writers depended greatly on God, his love, his faithful love for man and his care for us.  For that, they sang out with their heart, understanding what God is and the relationship they are to have with Him.  This is important because so many either do not know how to have a relationship with God or have never had one.  It is therefore saddening to consider that some Christians have hardened their hearts enough that they have become calloused toward singing out with their heart, not embracing the Christ who died for them. 
    It amazing me how much God loves our voices.  God created them and designed them with such a vast range of notes to use.  So let’s use them!  Let us sing out in worship.  Let us sing out to Him as we drive down the road and allow Him to fill us with unspeakable amounts of joy as we live faithfully before Him, as we walk closely next to Him toward the end of this life and into Paradise wherewith we shall be one day in Heaven with the gentle Shepherd who has helped us to find out way.  Let us all sing to the Lord.