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A Model for Ministry
A Praying Church
A Woman's Contribution to the Local Congregation
Abortion-Murder of Innocent
Adam a Type of Christ
And If I Be Lifted Up
Angels, The Ministers of Heaven
Appraising our Lives
Battling in the Name of the Lord
Beware of False Prophets
Building a Legacy for your children
Building Blocks for a Good Relationship
Building Relationships
Challenges facing the Church and Home
Christian Duty
Christian Relationships in Missions
Christianity is not a Mixture of Teaching
Christians and the World
Cities of Refuge
Communicating with God through His Word
Communicating with God through Prayer
Daily Family Bible Studies
Daily Living for Heaven
Dare to be Like Daniel
Dealing with Guilt
Dealing with Hard Truth
Dealing with Unselfish Living
Defeated to Determined
Description of God
Do You Know Jesus
Do you Remember
Don't Look Back
Examples Worth Following
Facing the Goliaths of Life
Faith that Pleases God
Faith, Hope, Love
Focused on Heaven
For Mine Eyes have Seen the King
Four Thousand Fed
Givers Who Please God
God of Creation
God vs. gods
Gospel of Challenge
Great Faith
Guardian Angels
Handling Difficult Relationships
Having Confidence when Troubles Come
Honoring Godly Mothers
How the Pharisees Saw Themselves Against Sinners and Publicans
How to be God's Enemies
Improving my Relationship with God
In Six Days
Is Christianity Worth the Price
Jesus, Our Example
Joy Found in the Hope of Heaven
Lifestyles of the Righteous and Faithful
Lift Up Your Eyes
Living by the Golden Rule
Love's Reward
Macedonian Cry
Majesty of Christ Revealed
Making Myself Easier to Live With
Mark 16;16
Middle Aged
Must is a Powerful Word
No Life Outside the Body
Optimism vs. Pessimism
Our Pledge of Allegiance
Our Shield of Faith
Overcoming Pride
Overcoming Un-Forgiveness
Parable of the Soils
Paradoxes of Christianity Part 1
Paradoxes of Christianity Part 2
Paul's Choice Between Living and Dying
Positive Steps to Deeper Relationships
Prayer as Worship
Qualities of a Christian Father
Reasons To Keep On Running
Reasons we Believe in Jesus Christ (Part 1)
Reasons we Believe in Jesus Christ (Part 2)
Reasons We Believe in Jesus Christ (Part 3)
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Religious Pride
Respect for the Bible
Resurrection of Christ
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Seven I Am Statements in John
Single People
Some Lies the Devil Wants You to Believe
Some Things I Do Not Know
Speaking in Tongues
Spiritual Coordination
Standing Alone with God
Strangers and Pilgrims
The 12 Apostles
The Cross of Christ
The Cure for Anxiety
The Fear of the Lord
The Glory of God
The Greatest Commandment
The Joy of Following God's Law
The Joy of Righteous Living
The Joy of Worship
The Leaven
The Meaning of Life
The Mustard Seed
the nature of repentence that saves
The Paralytic Man
The Perfect Father
The Power of Influence
The Red Line Between Our Lips
The Role of Women in the Church
The Shedding Tears of Jesus
The Sin of Sodom
The Two Rocks
There is One God
They Addicted Themselves
Three Levels of Living
Treasures of the Snow
Understanding God's Word
Unknown God
Unrighteousness in Homosexuality
Water Turned to Wine
What are 3 Things Satan Wants Me to Do
What do I do when I do not want to listen to God
What the Widow Did
What Unfaithfulness Can Do
What's Right with the Church
Where is your treasure
Young Married Adults