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This is an excellent question because there are some that may be thinking or perhaps struggling with the facts that surround our world. Well, we know that these animals did exist because there is an abundance of evidence that man walked around on the earth with these creatures. The Bible even contains some information about them and we can read of the evidence seen in the book of Job. Now, what exactly happened to the dinosaurs? Was it a huge asteroid or meteor? No, because what effected them would have also effected us. But the truth is, we really don't know what happened to the dinosaurs. We know they lived on the earth at one time, but that they stopped living on the earth at a certain period of time. We know that most fossils are buried deep within the ground. Now, there have been some people who have advanced some theories as to how they died. One of those theories is that the global flood produced a climate change on the earth in which the dinosaurs could no longer survive. Now, we know that most of the dinosaurs died outside of the ark because Noah was allowed to only bring 1 male and female of each animal on board. And, we know that dinosaurs were on the ark because the book of Job was written after the flood and some dinosaurs still existed at that time (Behemoth and Leviathan). So, it could not have been something that happened in a short period of time. A second theory is that they existed after the flood and that men just hunted them to extinction. Well, we know of species of animals that have been hunted to extinction in recent centuries such as the Dodo bird. There have been other species that have been hunted to near extinction such as the Humpback whale and the Bald Eagle and elephants have been on the endangered list for some time. Thus, it is very possible that men hunted these animals for various by-products and in such a way they became extinct. But, the bottom line is that the Bible does not specifically tell us how these creatures died out. We know that God created them and that they lived upon the earth, but how they died, the Bible does not say and we will just have to be happy with that answer. Brother Bert Thompson in a paper, wrote this statement regarding dinosaurs: “We feel it the safer course to simply say that we do not know specifically why the dinosaurs died out, or when. It is best to leave the matter an ‘unknown’ since certainty is impossible.” Robert Notgrass

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