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    I was born to Richard and Marilyn Notgrass of St. Charles, MO. October 21, 1971.  They are wonderful, godly parents who have always made God a big part of their lives.  They were very active and encouraged me to also take an active role in the work of the church.  My father was an elder of the church who was very active in evangelism and fellowship with other Christians.  In fact, almost my entire life I have been surrounded by good brethren.  We all seemed to do everything together.  We ate together, played together, went to lectureships together, prayed together, went on float trips together and many other things.  I am so thankful for them.  

    My parents worshiped with the West End Church of Christ.  But, they also had close ties with the Charbo and Karen Church of Christ.  He served as an elder in both.  As for me, I grew up in West End.  But, many from Charbo and Karen brag of how they knew me before birth.  So, later in life, I worshiped with them and today, I feel as though now I have two home congregations.  They are both very important to me and a special part of the body of Christ.

    Now, when I was 13, at 2am very, very early Sunday morning, I was baptized for the remission of sins.  I remember waking my father out of a sound sleep and telling him that I could not wait until Sunday morning during the invitation song to be baptized for fear that Christ would return and find me unprepared.  So, my family all met at the West End building where my father baptized me.  After that, I became more devoted to God by getting involved in various activities, Bible Call and evangelism.  I even started preaching.  My father and mother also sat down with me to teach me the way of the Lord more perfectly.  And, they showed by examples of how we ought to help others less fortunate than us.  So, we would spend time taking food to many people, visiting the sick and encouraging those who were downtrodden in life.  It was all these things, which has been instilled in me from my youth, that I continue to practice in my life today.  My desire is to always remain a faithful child of God and to shine as a Christian light to mankind.

    Now in April 1994, I met Rhonda Davis and by Valentine's day 1995, I was married to her. Since that day, we have grown together in life, in love, in faith, and in numbers. We have one son, Brandon who was born in 1995 as well as one daughter Kendra who was born in 1999.  Both have obeyed the Gospel call and I am so thankful.  This is my family whom I love dearly.

    In 2002, I became more involved with preaching and have been preaching on a full time basis since 2005.  Since then, I have learned to do a variety of things which has helped me to grow in my faith as well as getting the Gospel out to others.  I have also learned many computer skills, couselled indiviuals, been in the misson field, spoke on lectureships, held Gospel meetings and have taught Bible in elementary education.  In all of this, I have tried to serve the Lord and be the example He wants me to be.  And through his blessings, I continue to do that very thing. I have been blessed with being raised in a good home, I have a good family, as well as a good education. I have used these things to promote Christ and to tell the world about Him.  It is my desire to teach God’s Word thoroughly and faithfully so that we may all grow in the knowledge and in the understanding of His word.  To speak where the Bible speaks, to be silent where the Bible is silent, to call Bible things by Bible names and to do Bible things in Bible ways. I do not consider this to be old fashion because God designed the Bible to be above fashions. God intended that in any and all generations that the church be the same.